About Me

I now have a new website http://www.julieihle.com which has all my latest articles.


I’ve been a freelance writer for around fifteen years, with publications in major Australian and New Zealand magazines and newspapers, from Escape, Wild, ninemsn, Women’s Health, Where Sydney, Australian Doctor, Senior Traveller and numerous outdoor/touring magazines. I am a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

My writing focus is soft adventure, lifestyle and Port Macquarie food & nature trails. I got my start writing satire in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Heckler column and if you are up for a dose of satire, please see my other blog  – http://www.juliesrant.com.

In my spare time I love nothing more than exploring a new foodie precinct or hiking somewhere remote(ish). And finishing up with something medicinal at wine o’clock.



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  1. I don’t see so very well so upon looking at the banner on your blog I thought to myself, “Ooo a heading called ‘FUN AND PANTS’, wonder what that is, think I’ll click.” And so I did. I gotta find my glasses.

    R, not P

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