MERRITTS TRAIL – A Thredbo Top Trail

I’ve just come back from a regular pilgrimmage to Kosciuszko National Park. We normally stay at Thredbo, mostly because Perisher goes into summer hibernation, and well, Thredbo has a chairlift. We’ve stayed at lots of different Thredbo accommodation over the years, but keep coming back to Lantern Apartments, mostly because of their floor to ceiling views of Thredbo Valley.

We did Merritts Nature Trail, a two-hour 5km walk which runs from the village to the chairlift. It’s a pretty walk, covering different ecological zones and running from 1370m to 1930m. 

Two hours and 5km might sound like it’s not even worth packing the trail mix, but when you do it uphill and three times as we did – well, it turned into quite the epic. To explain: as part of Mr Bikewalkeat’s training for an upcoming trek in New Zealand, he wanted to simulate a New Zealand mountain by climbing up an Australian one three times!

It was hardgoing but all I can say is a great excuse for beer and chips at the day’s end – take a look.




It's flat to start with
Before it starts climbing

You'll encounter obstacles




And fabulous rest stops
Before the chairlift comes tantalisingly into view
The view from the chairlift summit makes it all worthwhile
Refuelling at the pie shop before rounds 2 and 3

After six hours walking we deserve a drink at Thredbo Pub!


And chips plus salt & pepper squid - essential hiking foods

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