No casualities at this cafe

Port Macquarie and an edgy coffee scene don’t usually go together … until now. Part of the ex-ambo station on the street that leads to Town Beach has been turned into a small but dynamic cafe called, what else, but Casualties.

Open from 6.30am til mid arvo, cyclists love it, as do people on the way to work (yes, a few people in Port do actually work for a living between surfs), networkers and holiday types (yours truly).

The coffee’s good, food spans the usual cafe range of banana bread, wraps etc and next door is an art gallery – it used to be part of the ambulance station too and on the other side is a large cycle shop.

Even Port Macquarie-ites need a heartstarter - Casualties fits the bill

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  1. We stayed in Port Macquarie for a few days in March and found your shop to have the best wraps ever. The first ones we had where from Dried Tomato wraps and where fantastic but on the last day you had run out of them and used others that where not as good but still taisty. Could you please let me know where I can buy the Dried Tomato Wraps.One of your ladys remeberd each day I went in what I wanted and she would say “ok Keith one Chicken and salad wrap and a strong flat white” Thats good service and I thank you for it.
    I live in Melbourne.
    Keith Hindley

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