The Inn River Trail – Cycling from Switzerland to Austria

Recently we cycled along the Inn River trail from Switzerland to Austria. The Inn River trail is Europe’s flattest alpine cycling trail and follows, you guessed it, the Inn River. If we were tough, we would have done the entire trail, which runs from Switzerland to Passau in Germany and is 517km. But, we did Inn River lite, from St Moritz to Innsbruck over 5 days and 235km. That was tough enough for me, and allowed time to poke around in villages and eat a lot of strudel.

We booked through Outdoor Travel who arranged luggage transfer and hotels. They also did a great job arranging the weather, which was postcard perfect every day and delayed the Innsbruck afternoon storm until after we arrived.

Here’s what we saw:

Let's start at the very beginning, clean, fresh and raring to go. And that's just the bikes
There's cute places to stay
Plenty of kucken
And cute villages
Some villages are pretty sleepy
There's a view at every corner
And another view
Then a grind uphill to Austria
From here it's a mostly flat run to Innsbruck
Where we celebrate with beer und chips

8 thoughts on “The Inn River Trail – Cycling from Switzerland to Austria

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    1. Hi Megan,
      Thanks for your comment, nice weather certainly helped the pix. It is on dedicated bike trails most of the way with some bike trails in Switzerland. There’s one five minute section on a busy road, and one big uphill on a very quiet road. Day 2 in particular on the Swiss/Italian border was the best cycling day of my life – recommend!

      1. Oooh. Sounds like fun, I will check out the route and write it down.

        My current plan for a longer bike tour is around Bodensee (Lake Constance) so I can hit Switzerland, Austria, and Germany all in one go. I might have to head south to try out this route though. Danke!

      2. Hi Julie,
        We’re thinking of going on this trip next year and are wondering what time of the year you went on the Inn Radweg (St Moritz – Innsbruck) tour?
        Thanks so much for the tip,

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