Gschnitz Valley, Austria – beer, frescoes, views

One of my favourite walks in the world is the Gschnitz Valley in Austria, near the Italian border. The St Magdalena walk takes you on an uphill grind (is there any other kind of walk in Austria?) past Stations of the Cross paintings until you arrive at the Sanctuary of St Magdelena, at 1661m, with frescoes dating from around 1200.

Inside, as well as the Romanesque frescoes, is a Magdalena statue, which looks more like The Little Mermaid than the Virgin Mary, and she’s holding a skull.

Luckily in the adjoining mountain hut is beer (but sadly no kucken) and hearty Austrian cuisine (in the form of goulash soup). The view is straight out of Heidi. Beer, frescoes, views – who needs more?

Perfectly maintained Stations of the Cross - this is Austria after all!
Walking in Austria - love it
Climb every mountain
St Magdalena comes into view
The catering arm of St Magdalena
The girl in question - part mermaid; part China doll

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