Goondiwindi – art deco dunny

Here it is – the art deco dunny! (that palm tree looks remarkably healthy)

A few weeks ago I went to Goondiwindi on the NSW / QLD border. Goondiwindi sits just on the QLD side and, boy, does it let you know about it. It has classic Queenslander stilt homes, palm trees line the streets and the pubs are glorious.

But let’s talk about the public loos. Because in Goondiwindi. the loos, latrines, pissoirs, wc’s, dunnies, call them what you will,  are amazing. They are genuine art deco loos (at least from the outside – let’s hope the plumbing has been updated).

Lots of people think, “seen one country town, seen them all”. But I beg to differ! Where else can you see an art deco loo? And in my opinion that is worth driving 732km for.

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