Nous sommes a table

I get that a lot

Stupid me. I thought siestas were just for Mediterraneans. But no. The French (who aren’t stupid) who live outside of Paris close up shop for 2-3 hours every day. What do they do?


Travelling in France takes quite a lot of patience and forward planning and if you’re not careful you could starve in the land of plenty.

You see: grocery shops, bread shops and patisseries are open in the morning, then at midday they close up. If you were hoping to pick up a baguette and a slice of fromage, forgettaboutit.

Of course you can go to a restaurant. As long as you are in by 1.15pm at the latest. Rock up at quarter to two or even 1.30pm and you’ll get short shrift. French style.

Tourist attractions too (like wine tasting caves) are the same. And tourist information centres. Closed closed closed. We rocked up at one heavily advertised wine tasting cave, that said proudly it was open all day 7 days a week. It looked suspiciously closed. I rang the bell and was told brusquely: “Nous sommes a table.”

In other words, you can take your Euro and shove it up your derriere. We are eating and that’s more important than money.

Pic Source: Bonjour Paris

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