Gird your loins: Mt Egmont/Taranaki


Mt Egmont (or Taranaki, depending on your age group) is an extinct volcano on the North Island of New Zealand, around a six-hour drive south west of Auckland.

I’ve been there many times to do walks around the base, but only tackled in twice. It’s one hell of a mountain. At a smidge over 2500 metres, it is six hours up and 3-4 hours back (or in my case 6 hours back). There are various ways you can tackle it, but we started from Stratford Plateau, and the altitude climbed was around 1400. It’s brutal, due to the unpredictable lava flow, called The Lizard, which means hours of clambering over loose rocks.

But the feeling of achievement is well worth the beer and garlic bread at the end (plus we did see a naked young man running through the village of Stratford afterwards!).

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