Eat Epping: Jonga Jip Korean BBQ House

Epping in Sydney’s north-west(ish) is a hotbed of, well not much really. It has a handful of cafes and restaurants, a supermarket and a club. But things are looking up. It boasts Jonga Jip Korean BBQ Restaurant, an offshoot of its big brother at Eastwood, which regularly attracts crowds.

The Epping version is quieter but just as friendly. It’s done out in trendy light slate colours, there’s a BBQ in the centre of each table and some silver coloured ventilation tubes suspended over each BBQ.

The menu is comprehensive with BBQ and non-BBQ options, but who doesn’t like a fire in the middle of the table?

There are three of us, so we order chicken, wine-marinated pork and beef short ribs at around the $22 mark each, and they come with a smorgasbord of side dishes. All the usual suspects are there, like pickled seaweed, kim chi and salad with a fragrant sesame sauce plus some unusual ones – fruit salad, whipped potato, fish cake and pickled radish. They go down nicely with some Korean beers – Hite and Cass at a very economic $5 each.

The wait staff are friendly and forgiving and come and help us when we are obviously in trouble. Every so often they change the grill that the food is cooking on to stop it sticking and they bring extra garlic, when we spill ours and they rev up our dwindling BBQ with a small but atmospheric fire at one stage, for that wow moment. We leave feeling satisfied and at around $30 each, it is easy on the wallet.

Jonga Jip Korean BBQ Restaurant
10 Bridge St, Epping
Tel: 9868 5992

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