Stop queuing for food, Sydney-siders!

Image: frostbite food
Image: frostbite food

Have we come full circle? I don’t understand why Sydney people think it is ok to be charged a lot of money to queue for lunch for 45 minutes.

I think the revolution has gone far enough! What is next? We will pay for waitstaff to insult us and send us to the back of the queue a la Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi? I fear hipster Sydneysiders are one step away from queueing up for that experience.

I’ve been a bit cranky about the lack of carpet and soft furnishings for a while, but recently we went to Kitchen by Mike in Rosebury, near Sydney airport. Had we not been with friends I would have turned around immediately when I saw the 45-deep queue (we counted them), but we diligently joined the queue. Well my friends did and I minded the table as indoors was taken and outdoors on one of Sydney’s coldest days all year was getting full too (no outdoor heaters).

The food was good, if slightly overpriced, but the main problem is the lack of service. Call me old-fashioned but I think part of the reason for going out to a restaurant is catching up with friends. How can you do that if part of the group is queueing and the other part of the group is waiting in the cold for a table. Plus the outlook (Rosebury warehouse land) was not that good. Indoors was noisy and pared back.

I don’t know why Sydneysiders (at least inner-west hipsters, food critics and bloggers) think this is great. I don’t get it. But I’ve noticed their score on Eatability is not very high, so there’s hope yet that not everyone thinks queueing for 45 minutes and eating in the cold wind is fun. This blogger certainly doesn’t.



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