Back to Blacktown’s finest Burmese

Eat your salad - here it's no hardship with tea leaf salad, unique to Burma
Eat your salad – here it’s no hardship with tea leaf salad, unique to Burma

Despite winning the 2014 SMH Best Value in Sydney Under $30 Awards and the subsequent publicity, Sun’s Burmese Kitchen in Blacktown still is the real deal.

I’ve been there three times in the last six months, including once since they became an award winner, and they are still dishing out tasty, delicate, unusual, authentic Burmese fodder. And as well as being officially Sydney’s best value meal, it is one of the nicest Asian meals I’ve ever had outside of Asia. (Hot tip: the tea leaf salad pictured above is fragrant and lovely).

Vibe-wise it is still a mom and pop kind of place. The decor is clean but daggy and there’s some Burmese sweets for sale at the counter. There’s Burmese art lining the walls and a photo of Aung San Suu Kyi gently presides over all.

Burmese food hasn’t really taken off in Sydney, but surely it is just a matter of time. There is a Burmese restaurant at Strathfield too, but I have it on good authority (asked two friends) that Sun’s Burmese leaves it in the shade.

It’s hard to imagine that this humble eatery that doesn’t even dare call itself a restaurant is going to change, but for a chance to experience authentic cuisine like no other, go now.

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