Mudgee: 5 Cafes for 5 People

2014-05-12 12.33.44

Think Mudgee think wine. But think again, as Mudgee, in keeping with its lifestyle ethos, has good coffee spilling out on all fronts. On a recent trip to Mudgee, I didn’t get to experience all of Mudgee’s cafes, but I gave it my best shot.

Butcher’s Shop Cafe – this is almost too popular for its own good, at least on weekends. Thanks to write ups in Lonely Planet and Qantas mag, this cafe dishes up big portions of country fare in a reconverted butchery, which dates from 1875. Service can be patchy though.

Outside the Square – slightly bigger than a slot-in-the-wall, this cafe gets a tick on the food front (the bread in particular is delicious), there’s local arts and crafts for sale and service is friendly, with child-friendly area and outside tables.

The Wineglass Bar – a beautiful internal courtyard if the hustle and bustle of Mudgee gets too much (you never know!). Prices are a little steep, but add a glass of wine and it is the kind of place where you could happily wile away the day.

Market Street Cafe – perfect for catching the morning sun, it has a slightly French take on the menu, and the food wouldn’t be out-of-place in the inner city of Sydney. It’s a good sunny spot to watch Mudgee go by.

Mudgee Brewing Company – I know I know, technically a brewery, but really it is a brewery/ cafe/restaurant/local hang. Down the quieter end of the main road and next to the Anglican Church, it’s a cruisey place for an afternoon coffee, especially if there is live music happening.



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