Why do some eateries go off?

I’ve always wondered what it is about some eateries that make them so popular, while others languish. Take, for instance, The Butcher’s Block, in Wahroonga. This eatery has been open for around six months and the hype doesn’t seem to be dying down any time soon. Every day from 6am it’s full. It’s more popular than a free light beer at a travel bloggers convention.

I don’t know if it is the refurb this ex-butchery has been given. It has a trendy warehouse, pared back, airy feel with wooden benches and grows its own herbs (instant locovore cred). The staff are decked out in butcher’s aprons, there is a bit of butchery related theme in the decor. Is it that the food is actually quite nice? It is plated up prettily and hits all the current foodie notes: sliders, sourdough, pork belly. Or is it just that Wahroonga is cashed up and ready for a new cafe?

I don’t know why it always seems so popular, but nine months on, it still seems to be going off.

Whereas other restaurants have all of the above going on, a theme, an interior, reasonable food and seem to be slugging it out.

I’d love to know the psychology of what makes a place popular or not. Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Why do some eateries go off?

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  1. Some eating places seem to have good karma….partially because of it’s location? And who tends to hang out there? Maybe some good press and 1-2 signature dishes.

    My partner’s son’s sandwich and butcher shop in Toronto is like that. It’s had some good press reviews, near a subway stop, etc.

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