Mt Buffalo: The Big Walk

Mt Buffalo in the Victorian High Country has, for my money, one of Australia’s best walks. It probably doesn’t get the airplay it deserves, but it is so much the better for it. The Big Walk at Mt Buffalo is a 22.6km up and down epic. (Not including the side trip to a waterfall – that’ll make it 32km return!) According to Parks Victoria website it ascends over 1000 metres in only 9 kilometres. They recommend strong footwear and even stronger fitness.

Truthfully if you are of average fitness, like moi, you can do this walk. The biggest challenge is the weather as The Big Walk passes through several different vegetation and altitude zones and despite the cardio workout, it can get very cold very quickly.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that the views of the Australian Alps are spectacular, and it’s a good way to train for walking in Europe, Canada, New Zealand or pretty much anywhere else where they have “proper” mountains.



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