Bundeena’s beachy beauty

This is my fave shot of Bundeena – intersection of fisho meets ferry

Unless you bump into an in-the-know local, you probably won’t find out about Bundeena. Tucked on the edge of Sydney, 55km south of the big smoke, this beachy hamlet is perched next to Royal National Park.

It’s an hour’s drive from the CBD, or else you can take the scenic route with a ferry from Cronulla, a suburb in Sydney’s south.

No matter how you get there, Bundeena is a memorable daytrip, perfect for fishos, boaties, artsy types, walkers and anyone who just likes to kick back and enjoy life in the slow lane.

It has a bit of a romantic past, having been a haven for rum runners in the early colonial days. Its shallow waters plus network of caves and proximity to Sydney helped make it a hideout for smugglers.

Bundeena was only accessible by boat until the 1950s when a road was put in. But thankfully it has still managed to hold onto its edge-of-the-world feel.

Whether you’re in Bundeena for a weekend or just a few hours, there’s plenty to do to suit all tastes, activities, budgets and weather.

With Royal National Park at the doorstep, Bundeena is a convenient stepping off point to explore the myriad of trails in the park (interesting fact: the second national park in the world after Yellowstone!).

Swim or kayak at the delightfully named Bonnie Vale Beach and Cabbage Tree Basin, two safe family-friendly beaches.

A large proportion of Bundeena’s population of 2,500 are artists so there is a self-guided Arts Trail you can follow.

And of course, there’s good coffee and a few funky outdoorsy cafes to wile away the afternoon in. Just don’t enjoy yourself too much or you’ll miss the last ferry back to Sydneytown!

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