Black Duck Brewery

Craft beer is the new golf. Ok, I made that up, but there’s no denying that craft beer is getting more and more popular and starting to get almost wine-like in its hipster value.

Black Duck Brewery in Port Macquarie, a four hour drive north of Sydney, has dovetailed nicely into the craft beer movement and offers a unique product, more or less tasteable (love this new made-up word) only in Port Macquarie.

They offer tastings from Wednesday to Sunday and a platter of ploughman’s or beer bread and dukkha in their premises on the semi-industrial side of Port Macquarie. Don’t let that put you off, it’s quite a nice space. They have done a good job doing putting in a mini bar and upturned kegs for tables. There’s a nice bathroom (important), a kids area and they’ve strung coloured banners from the roof, for a bit of decor. They are available for functions and I think it would be a good place for eine kleine beer tasting and snacks for a casual function.

The beer is very good value – it’s $5 to sample a paddle of five beers or it’s $4 for an individual beer. And as proof of how cheap this actually is, there was a group of backpackers there the day we visited. I found the beer very mild and reasonably crisp, the India Pale Ale was my favourite.

This is a live beer factory, in between serving beers, the two beeristas (another wonderful made-up word) are doing paperwork on an upturned beer barrel, testing and a bit of heavy lifting.

Their beers are available in many of the pubs and bars in town or online. The are not available for purchase in Sydney, so this is yet another reason to visit Port Macquarie!

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