Healthy eating on the road

Meals like this make it easy – salad, fat and protein. Plus it’s delicious.

Eating new foods is one of the best things about travel. But after a few weeks of the good life, sometimes it’s difficult to fit into your travel pants. So how do you balance trying new foods and experiencing all that a new destination has to offer and not turning into too much of a chubster?

Maybe it’s not so difficult after all. Here are my tips:

  • Salad meals
  • Hire an apartment
  • Fruit
  • Skipping meals and the odd alcohol-free day (sorry)

Salad meals, I reckon, are the key. Don’t be tempted to go mean and skanky on the salad meal and get it from a takeaway and eat it in your room with a plastic fork. Treat it like a proper meal at a proper restaurant with  tablecloth, waiter and everything and glass of wine. In Europe it comes with bread, which rounds out the meal and hopefully will see you staving off dessert.

Apartment living and cooking yourself (or really just compiling stuff from the markets) means you have control and its an economical way to eat.

Skipping the odd meal for people with no underlying blood sugary health problem (a health blog, this ain’t) will give the body a bit of a break for a night and fruit as a snack instead of pastries is another way to make sure you still fit into your pants at the end of the trip.

This way you can still get to indulge in the best food experiences your destination has to offer but not spend the next few months or years)trying to get rid of the muffin top, no matter how worth it may have seemed at the time.

Plus it leaves more money in the till so you get back on the road even quicker. Double bonus!

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