Walk Glenbrook

The Lower Blue Mountains gets a bad rap from die-hard bushwalkers. It doesn’t have the world-famous gorge views, the real mountains weather (read: freezing) and it’s just a bit close the sprawling Sydney metropolis to be truly getting away from it all.

All of that is true, and also none of it. The Knapsack Reserve in Glenbrook, which is about as low a Blue Mountains as you can go without getting to Penrith, offers a convict-built bridge, which is absolutely magnificent, thigh-wobbling mountain passes, views of that sprawling Sydney metropolis which actually looks quite lovely from afar and historic railway lines.

And did I mention a beer at the end at the Glenbrook Bowlo?

There are many ways you can slice this baby up, depending on whether you want to mountain-bike or walk, would like a short, flat walk and a picnic table with a view or want to do some serious workout mountain training. The day we were there, there were plenty of serious fit-looking people doing it as a workout, but as for us, we were content to enjoy it at a Sunday pace.

20150314_132354 (5) IMG_1504 IMG_1506 IMG_1507 IMG_1510


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