Trade in your frequent flyer points for wine

Now this is what I call a good use of Frequent Flyer points
Now this is what I call a good use of Frequent Flyer points

Have you tried to use your Frequent Flyer points for an actual flight? If so, how was the experience?

We have done it twice in fifteen years, not a great record. Each time we had to organise the flight around 12 months in advance and pay nearly half the fare in taxes. The last time we used our Frequent Flyer points we had to go via Frankfurt, as that was where our FF hub was. So we spent two days in a train getting to Frankfurt for a half price fare home.

On the plus side we did get to experience Premium Economy, which was fabulous for someone not used to the semi-pointy end of the plane.

Recently when my Frequent Flyer points were due to expire, rather than try to use them on a flight, I bought wine. And not just any old vino, but a six-pack of quality wine, stuff that would normally retail around the $25 mark, not my usual $8.

Postage was included and the wine turned up on the doorstep a few days later. It was like getting a present to myself and was actually quite exciting. In fact, way more exciting than booking a flight to Auckland and then paying tax.

Emboldened, my husband (who has a sizeable FF account, enough to get to say Singapore and back) bought two Fitbits. Again, no postage charges and a little present to yourself and something you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself. He still has heaps of FF points left so is now contemplating a wine purchase.

I am now convinced. Ditch the flights and use your frequent flyer points to buy wine. At least you will get to enjoy it, unlike the flight, which is rarely enjoyable.

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