Time to do the Tarkine

The Tarkine has been on my bucket list for a few years and, having done it in November, I can report it really is as spectacular as it seems. Located in north-west Tasmania it takes up a large swathe of Tassie and initially is a little hard to wrap your head around on the map. That’s because it covers coastal, farmland/forest and wilderness areas.

If you base yourself in Stanley (for my money, Tassie’s most picturesque village) you can do the newly paved and signposted Tarkine Drive. This area has only been paved in the last 18 months and when we were there they were still putting up the signposts.

Corinna, in the heart of the Tarkine wilderness, is another great, other-worldly spot. So otherworldly there’s no internet access (hooray!). There are bushwalks, canoe trips, boat trips and a pub/restaurant serving local fare, as well as enthusiastic managers and a tribe of lovely, international staff.

We took our car on the ferry from Melbourne and found it very easy to drive around the Tarkine, basing ourselves in Stanley for a few days and then Corinna. Parktrek runs multi-day guided walks of the Tarkine, based in Corinna, if you prefer a group dynamic.

As usual in Tasmania, the Tarkine is under threat from logging. So fans of the Tarkine have recently crowdsourced and raised enough money to produce a substantial colour brochure and an app, to make it easy for people to come down and discover the Tarkine for themselves. The more people who go to the Tarkine, the harder it will be in the future to destroy this unique and beautiful part of Tasmania. I hope you can go!




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