Chasing Waterfalls at Dorrigo, NSW’s Green Stripe

It’s so green it hurts my eyes. While most of NSW is currently bone dry, Dorrigo, on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, is a vibrant, emerald stripe. When it rains it gets even greener. And it rains a lot.

People come here for the rainforest and the many walks and waterfalls in the region. It is the first stopping off point for The Waterfall Way, a scenic drive from Coffs Harbour to Armidale.

In terms of activities, there is a short Skywalk and lookout point at the very helpful Dorrigo Rainforest Centre. The set piece walk is the 6km Wonga Track, which starts at the Rainforest Centre and takes you past stunning Crystal Shower Falls. Also in the area is Dangar Falls along a ten minute boardwalk. A less trammelled walk is found at the Never Never Picnic Area where you can do an 8km loop track to Red Cedar Falls. Even the drive there along a gravel road is lovely. Its reassuring to know that however small, there is a patch of NSW that shines bright green.

We stayed at Dorrigo Mountain Retreat, a newish complex with large motel style rooms and a restaurant and café open on weekends and holiday periods. In Dorrigo itself, there’s not much in the way of eating options but we did discover a cute little café, Components, with excellent coffee and a hipsterish menu. We are already planning a return trip to Dorrigo to chase some more waterfalls.

Crystal Shower Falls looks as good as it sounds
Where’s there’s rain there’s a rainbow. Afternoon view from Dorrigo Mountain Retreat
Dangar Falls, easily accessed by a boardwalk, is a beauty
Green dales of Dorrigo

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