TorinoJulie Ihle, Blogger & Writer

Ciao and welcome to BikeWalkEat, your one-stop blog stop for all things related to soft adventure and good eats.

I photograph and review anything related to exploring the great outdoors, new eateries, language schools, great and not-so-great cities, travel ideas and even the odd recipe.

I’ve been a freelance writer for around a decade, with publications in major Australian and New Zealand magazines and newspapers, from Escape, Wild, ninemsn, Women’s Health, Where Sydney, Australian Doctor and numerous outdoor/touring magazines. I am a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

These days I focus on writing about Sydney and Australian destinations, and in my spare time love nothing more than exploring a new foodie precinct or hiking somewhere remote(ish). And finishing up with something medicinal at wine o’clock.


To get an idea of my style; here’s an article I wrote for Go Camping Magazine Mudgee

Here’s one I wrote for Where Sydney Sydney Coastal Walks

And another for Where Sydney on Grand Pacific Drive

And one for French Provincial Magazine on Beaune Wine Caves


Feel free to leave a comment, submit a hot foodie tip or suggest a quirky place to check out. The easiest way is to use the comment box at the end of each post, or else email me on:


And, in another shameless plug, if you are up for a dose of satire, please drop by to my other blog, http://www.juliesrant.com.


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  1. I don’t see so very well so upon looking at the banner on your blog I thought to myself, “Ooo a heading called ‘FUN AND PANTS’, wonder what that is, think I’ll click.” And so I did. I gotta find my glasses.

    R, not P

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