Port Macquarie’s perfect iso-picnic

If you fancy an escape from the increasingly maddening world, Round & Round vintage coffee van is just about as chill as it gets. Set in the vast picnic grounds of the world’s only Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, it’s fair to say their social isolation picnic game is on point. “Roscoe”, their retro black... Continue Reading →

Byabarra Cafe Bakehouse Bar

Straight out of a coming-of-age story, the Byabarra Café Bakehouse Bar is set in rolling green hills at the foot of the Comboyne Plateau, around a forty minute drive west of Port Macquarie. Byabarra itself is a dot on the map, nothing more than a clutch of houses, an historic church and acres of prime... Continue Reading →

Boon Cafe: boom times

You eat at Boon Café because of the name. Boon. Who doesn’t want to go there? And you come back because the food is so good. Located in Sydney’s booming Thaitown district – the ill-defined area between Central Station and Chinatown, Boon Café is a bright, modern café cum Thai grocery store. It does a... Continue Reading →

Which is Australia’s best bike town?

Australia ain't Holland. It has a long way to go before bikes are the norm. But although we are dragging the collective chain compared with Europe, there are some Aussie towns that are streaking ahead with their bike-friendliness. Here is my pick: Port Douglas Well I don't know about Best Bike Town, but Port Douglas... Continue Reading →

Kayak and coffee at Bobbin Head

B0bbin Head in Sydney's north is a tranquil getaway frequented by fishos, boaties, kayakers, picnickers and anyone who loves tranquillity that comes with a coffee. I've been coming to Bobbin Head for years, but didn't realise it had such an interesting history. Originally home to the Guringai people, after colonial settlement it was a haven for escaped... Continue Reading →

Bike Café: Bright Velo, Victoria

Champion cyclist Wayne Hildrid and wife Susan run Bright Velo Café & Bike Hotel. He was looking for a place to start a retro cycling café with a French feel and settled on Bright, in the heart of the Victorian High Country. Smart move. Bright is arguably Australia’s most cycle-friendly town. Not only is it... Continue Reading →

Why do some eateries go off?

I've always wondered what it is about some eateries that make them so popular, while others languish. Take, for instance, The Butcher's Block, in Wahroonga. This eatery has been open for around six months and the hype doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon. Every day from 6am it's full. It's more popular than... Continue Reading →

Mudgee: 5 Cafes for 5 People

Think Mudgee think wine. But think again, as Mudgee, in keeping with its lifestyle ethos, has good coffee spilling out on all fronts. On a recent trip to Mudgee, I didn't get to experience all of Mudgee's cafes, but I gave it my best shot. Butcher's Shop Cafe - this is almost too popular for its... Continue Reading →

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