Cycle the Loire

Timing is everything. For three weeks, sandwiched between the cold mistral winds in May and the June's canicule heatwave, was a grace period. Warm days, clear skies with a light breeze made it a cycling sweet spot in the idyllic (when weather conditions prevail) French countryside. Cycling holidays are the greatest … when the weather's... Continue Reading →

Cruise France on an Active Discovery Cruise

Your travel agent told you this is an active tour, right?”, our cruise director, Danielle, asks the group on Avalon Waterway’s inaugural Active Discovery cruise. There are groans from the passengers, by day three we are all weary, but all this activity on a cruise is a great way to counterbalance the French food and... Continue Reading →

Which is Australia’s best bike town?

Australia ain't Holland. It has a long way to go before bikes are the norm. But although we are dragging the collective chain compared with Europe, there are some Aussie towns that are streaking ahead with their bike-friendliness. Here is my pick: Port Douglas Well I don't know about Best Bike Town, but Port Douglas... Continue Reading →

Bike Café: Bright Velo, Victoria

Champion cyclist Wayne Hildrid and wife Susan run Bright Velo Café & Bike Hotel. He was looking for a place to start a retro cycling café with a French feel and settled on Bright, in the heart of the Victorian High Country. Smart move. Bright is arguably Australia’s most cycle-friendly town. Not only is it... Continue Reading →

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is a nice little site I found recently when searching on bike rides in the Kurnell area of Sydney. It is fairly Anglo-centric at the moment. The US, Australia, New Zealand and UK are extensively covered with only a few maps for places like Japan and Europe. You can download maps of... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Box Bike Ride

It may be on the other side of the world to me, but this is hands-down the best bike ride I've ever done. The Romansh-speaking villages (an ancient Roman mountain dialect) on the Swiss-Italian border are chocolate box perfect and, combined with perfect weather, a glorious place to cycle. Take a look!

Bordeaux’s bike track

  It's ironic that the nation the most suited to looking not at all bad in lycra have a disdain for the stuff. On the cycleways of France people are pottering around in their normal gear (pressed trousers, collared shirt, jumper slung over shoulders) and they leave lycra to the Tour de France professionals. Maybe... Continue Reading →

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