Wild Brumby Distillery

A week or so ago when I was in Thredbo, I snuck out to Thredbo's schnapps distillery, Wild Brumby Distillery located between Jindabyne and Thredbo. It was wunderbar! Quirky signs, lovely picnic areas, cosy and reasonably-priced lunches and did I mention schnapps tasting?! Our friendly schnapps-meister guided us in the gentle art of schnapps tasting.... Continue Reading →

Black Duck Brewery

Craft beer is the new golf. Ok, I made that up, but there's no denying that craft beer is getting more and more popular and starting to get almost wine-like in its hipster value. Black Duck Brewery in Port Macquarie, a four hour drive north of Sydney, has dovetailed nicely into the craft beer movement and... Continue Reading →

Buonissimo! Break out the Barolo, Bella

Piedmont is The Quiet Italian. (Yes, there is such a thing). While tourists flock to Tuscany, Venice, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, Piedmont is steadily emerging as the go-to place for authentic cool climate Italian food and some of the world's most respected wines. Here you can try big boys like Barolo and Barbaresco as well as... Continue Reading →

The Craic – what is it exactly?

As we are coming up to St Patrick's Day (well, not really, but that just makes it all the more Irish), here is a definition I once saw of the elusive The Craic.  I think it sums it up perfectly. It’s hard to define It’s about ordinary days And extraordinary people Ordinary people and Extraordinary... Continue Reading →

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