Chocolate Box Bike Ride

It may be on the other side of the world to me, but this is hands-down the best bike ride I've ever done. The Romansh-speaking villages (an ancient Roman mountain dialect) on the Swiss-Italian border are chocolate box perfect and, combined with perfect weather, a glorious place to cycle. Take a look!

Cycle Beaune

OK, Tour de France, it ain't but Burgundy has invested heavily in bicycling infrastructure especially around the Beaune region and it is waiting to be explored. I could wax lyrical about cute villages, vineyards, gently undulating bike paths and the best bread in the world, but pictures say it better than I can. Allons-y!!

Farmers Market – Dijon

Recently I've been checking out another blog, Summer Tomato Yes, it's a healthy eating blog, but be not alarmed, Summer Tomato is into real food, in other words stuff that grandma would recognise (which happily includes butter, red meat and chocolate). Every so often Summer Tomato runs a farmers market story from around the world.... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Italian

"You are too noisy", says the proprietor. Say what? This is Italy. The Quiet Italian. There's no such thing. She laughs uproariously then pours the wine. That's better. Italy, noise, confusion, jibes. Finally something I can work with. We are at a co-op restaurant, which doubles as a community centre, crèche and unofficial choir practice... Continue Reading →

Nous sommes a table

Stupid me. I thought siestas were just for Mediterraneans. But no. The French (who aren't stupid) who live outside of Paris close up shop for 2-3 hours every day. What do they do? Eat. Travelling in France takes quite a lot of patience and forward planning and if you're not careful you could starve in... Continue Reading →

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