Di Lusso Cucina

Di Lusso Winery in Mudgee is the go-to spot for a slice of the good life. Sure, there's wine tastings, olive tastings, weddings, plus a large semi-outdoor restaurant. We wiled away a couple of hours in the restaurant last weekend with friends in one of life's great pleasures - the long lunch. The owners of Di Lusso's are Italy-philes and... Continue Reading →

Cabramatta – Sydney’s Little Vietnam

It takes me an hour to get to Cabramatta. But it's still the next best thing to going to Vietnam. Located in Sydney's south-west, Cabramatta has long been Sydney's Vietnamese hub and it is an invigorating mix of Vietnamese style eateries and food outlets, traffic chaos and the occasional zen moment. Food? Sorted. There are classic... Continue Reading →

Eat Eastwood: Sydney’s Little Korea

Eastwood isn't too far from my joint in Sydney, so one sunny Sunday recently I took the train to check it out. I've always liked Korean food for its fiery hot kimchi and sweet sesame-tasting greens as well as the famous meat dish Bulgogi, in parts sweet, juicy and tangy. Eastwood's main shopping drag is a... Continue Reading →

Cheese Please – World’s Cheesiest Destinations

Feeling cheesy? Check out the world's cheesiest destinations piece I wrote recently for ninemsn: Whether you are a dedicated "curd-nerd", or a newcomer to the yellow stuff, these top 10 cheesiest travel experiences will leave you saying cheese, please. Arthur Amish Country Cheese Festival, Illinois What's an American road trip without a little gratuitous cheesy... Continue Reading →

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