Cycle the Loire

Timing is everything. For three weeks, sandwiched between the cold mistral winds in May and the June's canicule heatwave, was a grace period. Warm days, clear skies with a light breeze made it a cycling sweet spot in the idyllic (when weather conditions prevail) French countryside. Cycling holidays are the greatest … when the weather's... Continue Reading →

Cruise France on an Active Discovery Cruise

Your travel agent told you this is an active tour, right?”, our cruise director, Danielle, asks the group on Avalon Waterway’s inaugural Active Discovery cruise. There are groans from the passengers, by day three we are all weary, but all this activity on a cruise is a great way to counterbalance the French food and... Continue Reading →

Burgundy wine and girl power

Vive la difference! In bucolic Burgundy they have come to their senses and realised that women taste wine differently to men. Often women can detect different aromas, subtlety and nuance in wine that, as a general rule, men, even professional winetasters, do not. Also the wine itself can be feminine or masculine. Feminine wine in... Continue Reading →

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