Backpackers free camping payday

In-the-know backpackers (which it seems is all of them) are adept at nabbing the best camping spots for free. They simply park their Wicked van in a beach carpark and wake up to a beautiful beachy sunrise. And a whole lot of lycra from the middle-aged morning walker crowd. In Sydney, predictably this free beach camping practice... Continue Reading →

Don’t Pay the Ferryman

This sign is one of my favourite signs of all time. It's at Corinna in the Tassie wilderness at the Pieman Ferry (yes, it's named after a man who made pies) and is bush humour at its best.  

Shopping is my cardio

Couldn't resist this little gem seen in Pyrmont, Sydney's funky, media-centric harbourside 'burb. Pyrmont isn't exactly known for its shopping prowess, but this sign may change everything!

No Ninjas at Tinja’s

No, it's not an alien invasion come to Mudgee. 'Tinja' is the name of the original Lowe family homestead, which is home to Mudgee's award-winning Lowe Wines.  The homestead has remained in the Lowe family for five generations and gives its name to the Lowe 'Tinja' range of wines. This unexpected sign made me really expect... Continue Reading →

Fancy a saw with your bicycle?

Just in case you wanted to pick up a bicycle with your saw (and who doesn't?!), this shop in Victoria's Beechworth has it covered. Believe it or not Beechworth is quite a classy country town, but good to see it hasn't forgotten its country roots!

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