Chasing Waterfalls at Dorrigo, NSW’s Green Stripe

It's so green it hurts my eyes. While most of NSW is currently bone dry, Dorrigo, on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, is a vibrant, emerald stripe. When it rains it gets even greener. And it rains a lot. People come here for the rainforest and the many walks and waterfalls in the... Continue Reading →

Hike the other Cinque Terre

Italy's once beautiful Cinque Terre has been ruined by mass tourism. The buses and trains are bursting, pickpockets roam the trains, walking tracks are closed due to landslides that haven't been repaired and the charming towns are overrun with tourists. Locals look either bored or grim, tourists look harried and gelato costs a bomb. It's... Continue Reading →

Walk the Rim

Everything good in Central Australia happens at dawn. Whether it be walking, hot air ballooning, photography or just admiring the views, dawn in the desert is outstanding. Getting up is hard but once you are up it's worth it. For us it was tackling Kings Canyon, the set piece walk of the vast ochre wonderland... Continue Reading →

Hike Taronga to Balmoral

Sydney is known for its spectacular coastal walks but this is one of the best. All the icons are there (bridge, harbour, Opera House), as well as heritage buildings and lovely coastal forest with wildflowers in season and the odd bit of wildlife. This one is my personal fave - for me it is the... Continue Reading →

Here’s Prost to Drunk Hiking

Walking while tipsy is generally not recommended. But in Austria it feels just right. The series of mountain huts dotted liberally in the alps is just what you need while hiking. And hiking is a good way to work up an appetite for Apfelstrudel served with lashings of cream and a schnapps. Don’t mind if... Continue Reading →

MERRITTS TRAIL – A Thredbo Top Trail

I've just come back from a regular pilgrimmage to Kosciuszko National Park. We normally stay at Thredbo, mostly because Perisher goes into summer hibernation, and well, Thredbo has a chairlift. We've stayed at lots of different Thredbo accommodation over the years, but keep coming back to Lantern Apartments, mostly because of their floor to ceiling views of Thredbo Valley. We did Merritts... Continue Reading →

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