Kayak and coffee at Bobbin Head

B0bbin Head in Sydney's north is a tranquil getaway frequented by fishos, boaties, kayakers, picnickers and anyone who loves tranquillity that comes with a coffee. I've been coming to Bobbin Head for years, but didn't realise it had such an interesting history. Originally home to the Guringai people, after colonial settlement it was a haven for escaped... Continue Reading →

Canoe Barrington

Barrington River in World Heritage Barrington Tops doesn't get the airplay it deserves, I reckon. It's a 3-4 hour drive north of Sydney, the countryside is green and undulating, it offers foodie cafes and old-style cake shops and you can bushwalk, cycle or float down the Barrington River. Barrington Outdoor Education Centre http://www.boe.net.au  has got the... Continue Reading →

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