Walk Maitland and Morpeth

Maitland and its cuter little sister, Morpeth, is around two hours drive north of Sydney with a rich convict history. If you are in the area it's really worth spending a few hours in Maitland. There is a nice riverside walk and some beautiful old houses in East Maitland (Maitland's upmarket area) and quite a... Continue Reading →

Journey to The Gong

Last week we did a bit of a drive down to The Gong, aka Wollongong in Royal National Park. I tend to avoid the south side as getting there through Sydney is a snarly trafficky nightmare. But I'm beginning to think it might be worth it. If you pick your weather, it's a lovely part... Continue Reading →

Di Lusso Cucina

Di Lusso Winery in Mudgee is the go-to spot for a slice of the good life. Sure, there's wine tastings, olive tastings, weddings, plus a large semi-outdoor restaurant. We wiled away a couple of hours in the restaurant last weekend with friends in one of life's great pleasures - the long lunch. The owners of Di Lusso's are Italy-philes and... Continue Reading →

Mudgee Wines: A mudmap

Mudgee wines used to be nicknamed Mudgee Mud. Thankfully those days are long gone and Mudgee has emerged as a quality coolish climate wine producer. It doesn't have the volume or the international fame of the Hunter or the Barossa, but therein lies the beauty. It still has a soul and at heart it is... Continue Reading →

Anzac Day in Cowra

Cold faces. That’s what we see when we arrive, it’s not invigoratingly cold, but a silent stony freeze that seeps into bones and dissolves thought. A gaggle of black-clad locals silently stand sentinel in the cold with dewy breath. Before them dignities are mulling about, not yet in line. I spy uniformed service men and... Continue Reading →

The other Port Macquarie walk

Every day swathes of tourists and locals converge on Town Beach to do the Doctor's Walk and walk along the breakwater. I can see why. No matter what the weather, it's the most scenic thing you can do at 6am. There's plenty to see: surfers, stand-up paddleboarders, early morning canoers and personal trainer torture sessions... Continue Reading →

Canoe Barrington

Barrington River in World Heritage Barrington Tops doesn't get the airplay it deserves, I reckon. It's a 3-4 hour drive north of Sydney, the countryside is green and undulating, it offers foodie cafes and old-style cake shops and you can bushwalk, cycle or float down the Barrington River. Barrington Outdoor Education Centre http://www.boe.net.au  has got the... Continue Reading →

Notice: no fun on this beach

Aussie beaches are supposed to be laid-back, carefree kind of places, right? Not at this beach at Tomaga on the otherwise gorgeous NSW South Coast. I don't know about you, but it seems the General Manager Eurobodalla Shire Council needs to get out more!

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