Boon Cafe: boom times

You eat at Boon Café because of the name. Boon. Who doesn’t want to go there? And you come back because the food is so good. Located in Sydney’s booming Thaitown district – the ill-defined area between Central Station and Chinatown, Boon Café is a bright, modern café cum Thai grocery store. It does a... Continue Reading →

Kayak and coffee at Bobbin Head

B0bbin Head in Sydney's north is a tranquil getaway frequented by fishos, boaties, kayakers, picnickers and anyone who loves tranquillity that comes with a coffee. I've been coming to Bobbin Head for years, but didn't realise it had such an interesting history. Originally home to the Guringai people, after colonial settlement it was a haven for escaped... Continue Reading →

No casualities at this cafe

Port Macquarie and an edgy coffee scene don't usually go together ... until now. Part of the ex-ambo station on the street that leads to Town Beach has been turned into a small but dynamic cafe called, what else, but Casualties. Open from 6.30am til mid arvo, cyclists love it, as do people on the way... Continue Reading →

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