Have you ever tried snowshoeing?

If you haven't tried it, can I recommend you do so now! And that means right now if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, while there's still nice snow. Snowshoeing is essentially just hiking in the snow, with big flat snowshoes strapped to your boots and two poles. Snowshoeing allows you to get into tight... Continue Reading →

MERRITTS TRAIL – A Thredbo Top Trail

I've just come back from a regular pilgrimmage to Kosciuszko National Park. We normally stay at Thredbo, mostly because Perisher goes into summer hibernation, and well, Thredbo has a chairlift. We've stayed at lots of different Thredbo accommodation over the years, but keep coming back to Lantern Apartments, mostly because of their floor to ceiling views of Thredbo Valley. We did Merritts... Continue Reading →

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