Buonissimo! Break out the Barolo, Bella

Piedmont is The Quiet Italian. (Yes, there is such a thing). While tourists flock to Tuscany, Venice, Rome and the Amalfi Coast, Piedmont is steadily emerging as the go-to place for authentic cool climate Italian food and some of the world's most respected wines. Here you can try big boys like Barolo and Barbaresco as well as... Continue Reading →

Wine Wednesday: the Barolo wars

Welcome to a new segment ... Wine Wednesday! Every Wednesday I'll do my take on some wine I've been sampling lately. My qualifications? I'm Australian (and therefore don't mind a drink!!) I've done a few wine tasting courses over the years and done the rounds of Australian and Kiwi wine countries. And a few overseas ones... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Italian

"You are too noisy", says the proprietor. Say what? This is Italy. The Quiet Italian. There's no such thing. She laughs uproariously then pours the wine. That's better. Italy, noise, confusion, jibes. Finally something I can work with. We are at a co-op restaurant, which doubles as a community centre, crèche and unofficial choir practice... Continue Reading →

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