Eat Epping: Jonga Jip Korean BBQ House

Epping in Sydney's north-west(ish) is a hotbed of, well not much really. It has a handful of cafes and restaurants, a supermarket and a club. But things are looking up. It boasts Jonga Jip Korean BBQ Restaurant, an offshoot of its big brother at Eastwood, which regularly attracts crowds. The Epping version is quieter but... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Italian

"You are too noisy", says the proprietor. Say what? This is Italy. The Quiet Italian. There's no such thing. She laughs uproariously then pours the wine. That's better. Italy, noise, confusion, jibes. Finally something I can work with. We are at a co-op restaurant, which doubles as a community centre, crèche and unofficial choir practice... Continue Reading →

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